Online News Publications

Icelark Projects specializes in creating online news publication websites that uses the industry's current web and mobile standards for enhanced targeted audience engagement.

Our online news web solutions is strongly branded to mirror the company's offline brand, for hybrid online and offline news publications firms, or the unique brands of the exclusively online newspaper firms.

Front-End Design

The front-end design includes the standard features of modern news websites like social media integration, mobile and responsive web design, subscription, strategic advertisement slots and monetizations, image slideshows, RSS, Video integrations, etc.

Back-End Features And Functionality

Our unique magic is at the back-end, where we leverage our years of creating successful news websites for clients to create a flexible and easy to manage editorial workflow.

Some of these includes a unique editorial workflow that matches your editorial styles, super-easy to use and automated assets (video, audio, images) managements.

Also a flexible access control mechanisms to ensure the right people have the right access to just the right functionality they need to carry out their task.

In addition you have automated scheduling of news/article post, automated search engine optimization, performance and security optimization, analytics and reporting integrations, to mention a few.

Custom Solutions For Unique Requirements

Because we understand the unique requirements of an online news website in terms of performance, security and user engagement, we also provides after-launch support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth operation of your online news system.

While you keep an eye on running your news operations, we keep an eye on your technical infrastructures.

Drupal Based Solutions

We employ our years of experience with the robust Drupal content management system/framework to derive your tailor-made online news publications solution.