Government Websites

Believe me when I tell you that a government website is not like your regular business website. It has unique requirements and best of all there is an 'industry' standard. If you represent any level of government and your web design or development company does not understand this then it's time you start looking for another (perhaps give us a try).

"The government closest to the people serves the people best." - Jefferson

The Unique Requirements Of A Government Website

First of all, there are guideline and special authorization requirement needed to successfully register and host a government class website. For instance registering a government entity under a .com/.org/.net top-level domain (TLD) is not acceptable. Government entities that may have a website under a government domain includes, National, State, Local or government parastatals.

Secondly, there are loosely defined, globally recognized standards that government website are expected to meet, in terms of security and feature sets in order to satisfy the special needs expected of a public serving government website initiative. These includes:

  • Use of Open Source technologies
  • Citizens transparency and accessibility
  • Continued monitoring to ensure performance
  • Data that is opened to the public
  • Websites that run in very secure environments
  • The people have open access to data and a voice in government
  • etc

The Unique Goals And Objectives Of A Government Website

Much like a business website, a government website require goals and objectives which are largely a reflection of the government style of the government in power. Generally, a democratic government's website are 'democratic' and responsive in nature, reflecting the most popular style of government currently and possibly into the foreseeable future.

People are expected to be able to communicate with their government through its website and get replies to their request and concerns.

Government websites creates a powerful point of interaction between the government in power and the governed. It may as well be the easiest point of access of the people to their government.

As a result a successful government website must foster a two way communication and create an impression of a government that is close to and that listens to the people. It must leverage the current social revolutions in the form of social networks and IT innovations to meet these special requirements.

Security As A Top Priority In A Government Website

Due to the sensitive nature of government websites, security is a top requirement and should not be taken lightly.

Our government website solutions are based on the robust Drupal framework, which is the technology being used by most notable governments world-wide, the most prominent is that of the Obama-lead US government (

Our expertise in government online presence gives us the unique capacity to deliver government website solutions, especially in Nigeria, that encompasses all of the above and more (Checkout this our latest government project:

Our solutions transforms how government shares information and engages with its citizens.