eCommerce Solutions

A high quality, highly interactive ecommerce website is a requirement if are serious about extending or establishing your business online. If your goal is to market your products or services to a wider potential customers, anything less will not do.

We understand the unique ecommerce needs of various classes of businesses. Some businesses has no products or services that can be sold/distributed online (a regular information or corporate website will do), and therefore has no ecommerce website need. Some others have products or services that can be marketed online, but with limited ecommerce needs.

Still some other have products/services that are perfectly suited for online sells and distribution, but are not yet big enough for a full-scale ecommerce solution. Some others are purely online-based and require the full-feature set of ecommerce solutions.

Given this varied requirements, we have developed different ecommerce solution blueprints that targets the different classes of businesses mentioned above. These includes:

Icelark Light Shop:

It targets businesses with minimal ecommerce needs. It may or may not include a payment gateway.

eCommerce Standard:

It targets businesses with minimal to medium scale ecommerce requirements. It's unique characteristics is that it is highly flexible and scaleable.

You may start small and scale up its features as your business grows. This is our recommended solutions for businesses just starting out in the ecommerce arena.

eCommerce Premium:

This focuses on big businesses or businesses with very ambitious ecommerce requirements. We do not recommend this for businesses just starting out as it presents unique management and operations challenges that might be overwhelming if you are not adequately prepared.

Features of our ecommerce solutions may include:

  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment systems integration
  • Mobile or responsive theme design
  • Analytics integration
  • Social media integration
  • Automated shipping services cost calculation
  • SEO and online marketing
  • Custom web design
  • Content management solution
  • Regular updates and maintenance

Our ecommerce solution is based on the robust Drupal and Drupal Commerce platforms. Check out what is possible with it: Drupal Commerce Showcase

Some of the payment gateway solutions we provide for clients in Nigeria includes: InterSwitch WebPAY, eTranzact, GTB GTPay, etc.