Corporate Websites

A corporate website is generally an information website run by a business or other private organization or enterprise, intended to promote various types of information about the business or organization to the public.

These includes: information about its products and services; its mission statement; history and key executives; contact details; value proposition; summary of operations; news/press release; career information; etc.

In general, corporate websites differ from other types of websites, in that it serves mainly to provide information about the company to the public rather than for business transactional services.

More Than Just A Portal To Your Corporate Information

In reality, these days corporate websites incorporates other kinds of features and functionality, besides just providing information. These includes extending some of the companies business services online. Some of these services could be transactional in nature.

These extra features are usually unique to the business in question. This implies that for successful corporate websites, one sizes does not necessarily fit all.

At Icelark Projects, each corporate website we create for our client is tailor-made to provide a unique user experience for their target audience.

A Strongly Branded Identity For A Memorable Online Presence

For a corporate website, a great emphasis is placed on branding. The website has to match the offline/real-world business image of the company to be considered successful.

These includes the choice of colors, fonts, theme, tone, choice of words, look and feel, and overall image. Visitors familiar with the brand offline will recognize it the instant they hit its web pages. There has to be a near-perfect harmony between the corporate offline and online images.

Industry And Technology Best Practices and Standards

Our wealth of experience in creating corporate websites for clients over the years means that we are in tune with the industry standards, technologies, techniques, trends, best practices, design and development requirements needed to craft a strongly branded website for your company.

These days, these also means building a website that is mobile-ready, mobile-first and integrated with your other social media assets, like Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn company page, Google plus page, Pinterest, Instagram, and any other social media accounts.

A Unique User Experience For Your Corporate Website

In addition to the above standard features of your corporate website, a major task for us is to uncover and understand unique features of your business offline, that we can then translate into a unique website features and functionality that would make for an overall unique user experience for your target audience online.