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The aim is two folds: first, to give back a little of the wealth of knowledge we gained from others mostly free of charge. Second, to improve ourselves, for we believe that in teaching others we get better our self. Because our purpose here is to educate, the articles your will find here are written in simple terms to aid understanding.

E-Books And White Papers

Access some of our more involved writeup in the form of downloadable files to read at your convenience. We cover more technical articles here than in our blogs or tutorials. The materials here tend to be less technical and more strategic i.e. not intended to teach but to inform so you gain insight and are better empowered to make key decisions.

Open Source

We are strong believers in the open source movement. In fact we owe our very existence to it. It is central to our business. In that same spirit we release any custom solution we develop, and feel might benefit others, as open source projects. Here you have may discover and access our open source offers.


We are not ashamed to admit that the secret of our expertise in the IT field lies in the tremendous amount of information and knowledge we are constantly accumulating from sources all over the web that gurus have put up. Here will share with you our constantly updated references to resources elsewhere on the web we think will interest you. They include articles, images, videos, infographics, etc. Enjoy


Called IceBlog, here we share with you our focused thoughts, ideas, information, etc intended to inform, educate and perhaps entertain. We will love you opinions and ideas on the subjects we bring up. If any of our articles interests you, you may share it to your friends, followers, contacts or circles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus respectively.

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Recently we have gone into training, presentations, delivering talks and organizing technology related events, like Drupal Camps. In the course of these activities we create various types of resources which we use as aids. And in order to make these resources available to our audiences after these events, and to a wider audience, we will be hosting such resources in this sections for downloads and viewing.