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DrupalA Journey Towards Drupal 8 Development Mastery: Part 2 - The Road Map Review

Published on 20 August, 2017 - 10:46

This is the second part in the series in which I intend to take on mastering the basics of Drupal 8 development heads on. In the first part, I outlined the road map that will be my guide in this endeavor. I introduced the list of high level topics that has to be mastered on the road to becoming a solid Drupal 8 developer.

Before I start off 'visiting' the individual 'destinations' in my road map, lets step back a while and review the road map briefly.  This will make my objectives a little more clearer before I go any further, especially for Drupal 8 newbies like me.

The road map is divided into two parts: A technology Stack section and a Drupal specific section.

The Technology Stack section is made up of all the topics that are traditionally foreign to Drupal, but on which Drupal 8 is now based.

This implies that these topics must be tackled first before any attempt at taking on the Drupal 8 specific topics. The scope of these external subjects are indeed huge, especially if you have no previous  familiarity with some of them. Hence it will take a significant undertaking to master all of them sufficiently. But my goal here is for simple basic understandings. So I will be staying within the safe depths of these topics that I can handle presently. And no codes, please.

From my understanding, the decision for a radical departure from established Drupal standards for Drupal 8 was not made lightly. Significant thought, considerations and deliberations went into  it. My aim here is not to argue the merits of the decision to extend the Drupal technology stack beyond the traditional bounds this way. But it's important I point out two major intentions that informed this decision. 

  • The first is to make Drupal more accessible to a wider developer community than was before possible.
  • A second is to make use of the best of other matured open source technologies to get the best out of Drupal. And to bring it up to date with current software development best practices.

The result is that now, in Drupal 8, these external technologies and methods has replaced many of Drupal own ways of doing things. These are especially where they are accepted best practices by the wider software development community.

The second part (Drupal specific section) deals with new introductions and major changes to the Drupal core system, as would be expected of any new Drupal version.

An important point here is that most of these changes and introductions are implemented using the technologies and techniques from the first section of our road map. Hence the importance of familiarity with the topics of that section before attempting to take on that of the Drupal specific section.

That's it. With this brief road map review out of the way, next I will be taking to the first destination on the road map.

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